Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation Programme

The Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation (ALFA) programme is based on the highly successful Action Learning Question process which has been used by many leading organisations, business schools and professional associations as a means of linking organisational strategy with individual and team learning. First established in 2002 the ALFA programme is now offered with postgraduate level accreditation.  Success of the approach has been reported in professional and academic articles based on application to a range of commercial and business sectors including:
  • Early years childcare & education
  • Financial services
  • Global outsourcing
  • Public service provision.
"The Action Learning Questions approach used in the ALFA programme is first class. This sets it apart from other Action Learning facilitators programmes. It led me to re-evaluate my role as a facilitator in a way I wouldn't have done otherwise, and as a result, I have made changes and improvements to my facilitation approach which have resulted in significant benefits for me and my clients. In addition to the learning from the Action Learning Facilitator Questions researched on the programme, there has also been considerable "spin off" learning from the insights gained which have been fascinating and motivational. There has been a significant return on investment from my point of view" Andy Radka, Consultant
Does your organisation want to...
  • Develop leadership capability of the business at all levels
  • Provide opportunities for high potential individuals to realise that potential
  • Provide professional & academic recognition for work based learning
  • Create a culture of learning
  • Empower line managers to take on responsibility for developing others
  • Link the learning agenda to business strategy.
ALFA is for you if you are ...
  • A Learning & Development professional required to show a return on investment
  • Seeking academic & professional recognition as a facilitator of action learning
  • Driving the leadership and talent agenda in your organisation
  • A facilitator of learning and development programmes, looking to improve your practice
  • An HRD consultant wanting to differentiate and enhance the value of your client programmes
  • On OD professional linking strategy and vision of the organisation with the learning agenda.
ALFA programme structure...
  • 2 day knowledge and skills development workshop...
    • Understanding of philosophy and principles of work based Action Learning
    • The 'Modes of Action Learning Facilitation' Framework TM
      • Mobiliser
      • Learning Set Adviser
      • Learning Catalyst
    • Dynamic facilitator skills practice and feedback
    • Developing your Action Learning Facilitator Question
  • Into Action...
    • Application of workshop learning
    • Addressing a real organisational challenge
    • Coaching, mentoring and networking support
  • Accreditation after 90 days
    • Written submission of Action Learning Facilitator Question
    • Assessment at postgraduate level
    • Middlesex University accreditation and ALFA certification
The ALFA programme is offered in-house with a minimum of 6 participants required.
Fees are £1,550 per person (exc. VAT).