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The Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation Programme is delivered by Dr Richard Hale & Alex Morgan who are supported by other qualified associate Action Learning Facilitators.  If you would like to join the Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation programme, we would be delighted to talk.  

Dr Richard Hale
telephone: 07738 172761
Author of several articles on action learning and books on leadership & performance management.  Richard holds a masters based on his work in introducing action learning to the emerging field of global outsourcing.  His doctoral research studied the social psychology dynamics of learning relationships. Founder of the Action Learning Question process and the Linkedin Action Learning Forum.

Alex Morgan
telephone: 07787 513265
International corporate & consultancy experience in the public and private sector including training and employee development in healthcare, the National Health Service and pharmaceutical sectors.  Qualified executive coach and NLP practitioner.  Co-founder of the Action Learning Forum and currently researching the three modes of Action Learning Facilitation. 

You are welcome to join the ever growing professional and academic community of action learning advocates on Linkedin:
Action Learning Forum